September 1st, 2017 - Welcome


We are expecting this month to be one of our strongest ones as we have officially started full marketing and advertising. We thank everyone who has stuck through our beta testing and all of our bugs last month. Unknowngold and I will keep you all updated with what we plan to do for all of you this month.

Keep in mind there is still a 50% store discount until October 5th, 2017. This is to welcome all of our new players that will be joining us this month :)

Best Regards,



Changelog - July 5th, 2017

Greetings Marble Crafters!

Here are all the updates Unknowngold has managed to achieve for us within the past few days. We're still working extremely hard on keeping the server as stable as possible. We appreciate all your support. 

  • There is now a place for players to obtain food, you may now type /warp shop
  • Players are now able to store items in your plot.
  • Plot System has been added.
  • Players are now able to obtain wood by typing /warp wood.
  • All Mines have been adjusted and all reported bugs have been fixed that are related to them.
  • Starter kits have been added, in this you will have everything you need to get through the Prisons.
  • /Ignore has been added, this feature allows you ignore other players.
  • We've added the feature of ...