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MarbleMC Staff Application

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Hello there vault! My minecraft username is TwinkieTwi, but most just call me Twi. I would like to apply for staff at MarbleMC. Here are the following requirements based on your list.

How long have you been playing minecraft: I have been playing minecraft since about 2009/2010. Just a note, I took a year and a half break from minecraft due to my old account not working for some reason, then I got a new one which is this one.

How do you think you'll benefit the team: I think I will benefit the team, by helping other staff members dealing with other frustrating members, and helping people who need help. I will also use any permissions (if given) in the right way and not use them to my advantage, and to only use them when necessary. 

Do you have skype/discord: Yes, I do have both. Skype and Discord are usable at any time.

How long have you been playing MarbleMC: Maybe for about a week, maybe 2.

Do you have any history being staff: I will be honest, no, I have not. I have tried applying for other places that haven't seen my application yet. I am thinking staff experience at MarbleMC will help me to learn how to be a staff.

Thank you for checking my application. I hope that you take within consideration to hire me as a staff member at MarbleMC.

Sincerely, TwinkieTwi

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 7.33.48 PM.png

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You have been accepted speak to me on Discord or in-game, and I'll be more than welcome you to the staff team :)


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